Yr a oydo

“Yr a oydo”, recorded and released in 2009, is probably one of the most underestimated, and somehow overlooked, Early Music CD releases of the last decade. It features the Spanish group More Hispano directed by recorder player Vicente Parrilla.
Again I travelled to Sevilla for the recording, and we spent four insanely busy and creative days with those 7 musicians. The music that we recorded existed only partially in written form, much of it was spontaneous improvisation, and every recording take of each piece would be different and offering new possibilities, ideas and musical outcomes. I remember that in one piece, the band made it only once all the way to the end because they would always go astray in wild improvisations, so we had only one ending and it was a hell of an edit work to put everything together afterwards – but I believe I managed 🙂
Other things I remember is the really spooky church that belonged to some really spooky catholic brotherhood, lots of cerveza during the breaks, the incredible voice of Raquel Andueza, whom I met there for the first time and immediately became a fan of, and a good amount of crazyness and laughter all over the recording.
The disc even got a rave review in the New York Times, but somehow never made it into the charts of classical music, which is a shame as it would really have deserved it. Never have I heard a Passacaglia, Chiacona or the like played so lively, joyfully and inventive, with a band playing completely without restricting themselves in any way musical. Still it is a “true” Early Music recording and has nothing of a superficial crossover project, which makes it a valuable proof for the fact that Early Music doesn’t necessarily have to be stiff, boring and narrowminded.
Photos for this project were taken by Julia Steinbrecht, a German photographer who accidentally happened to be in Sevilla when we were recording, and then came by and captured some singular moments for the CD booklet. The cover picture was…


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